Bona Fide Occupational Qualifications and Formal Ethics

Which of the following is true of the assumption of risks during delivery of goods?

The seller is liable for any damages incurred to the goods during shipment.

Explanation: Under common law, the seller must assume the risk of shipment. The seller has the ability to influence the packaging and shipping method, thus the seller is the logical party to assume risk at this point. Once the buyer accepts the goods, the seller’s risk is eliminated.

Interpreting Congressional intent which of the following is never a bona fide occupational qualification (BFOQ)?


Explanation: According the the Cornell School of Law, race cannot be a bona fide occupational qualification as the basis of hiring. Other topics, such as sex or physical features, can be used for the purpose of occupational filtering, but race-specific exclusion can never be a criteria for inclusion or exclusion.

Ethical formalists maintain

harm to individual rights is never justified by an increase in organizational or common good.

Explanation: Ethical formalism is school of though that was developed by the great German philosopher Kant. One of its main principles is that all individuals must be treated with equal respect and never sacrificed for organizational efficiency.

  • Student: Gilbert Henderson
  • Textbook: Corporate Ethics and Moral Principles
  • Course: ETH 321

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