Civil Enforcement Powers and Tort Law

Civil enforcement powers regarding federal antitrust matters belong to _______.

the FTC and the Department of Justice

Explanation: The Department of Justice maintains a special department to handle matters related to federal antitrust. The DOJ is the primary institution for enforcing laws related to monopolistic activity in business.

Which of the following is true of tort law?

It sets limits on how people can act and use their resources.

Explanation: Tort law is a subsection of common law that details with the actions of people and the corresponding legal liability. An example of tort law would be the liability a person faces for negligently crashing their car into a mailbox. This is a simple civil wrong that related the actions and resources of the individual.

Jurisprudence supports the idea that law can and should change to meet new developments in society.


Explanation: The concept of sociological jurisprudence deals with the legal intuitions and their connection to society. It looks at how legal concepts evolve over time and believes that archaic ideas and institutions should be replaced to fit modern society.

  • Student: Gilbert Henderson
  • Textbook: Corporate Ethics and Moral Principles
  • Course: ETH 321

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