Consumer Safety Testing in the New Product Process

Concept: Consumer Safety Testing

Student Question: “At Mattel, Barbie is child-tested to be sure the doll cannot be broken apart and accidentally choke a child.  This type of consumer or safety test occurs during the __________ stage of the new-product process”


Explanation:  All safety issues should be addressed during the development stage of the new product process. After a reasonable standard of safety has been set for a product, it can move on to the subsequent stages of development. The Mattel example above highlights activities that should be addressed during the early development phase. Failing to meet the necessary safety requirements can result in massive financial liability, therefore it is critical to start consumer tests as soon as it becomes reasonably feasible.

Testing is essential for all products, even those in the digital world. Not only does it protect the safety of consumers, but is also ensures the product will be functional when it reaches the mainstream production phase. It is this reason that software testing has become a subset of engineering designed to ensure software products meet their indented requirements.

  • Student: Sanjaya Malhotra
  • Textbook: Marketing
  • Course: MKT 421

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