Distinguishing Leadership from Management

Differences between Leadership from Management in LDR 300

Although there are clear differences between management and leadership,

​​ ​The two constructs overlap

Explanation: Management and leadership are skills that overlap when applied in a business setting. A decision-maker within an organization will usually need to have a combination of both skills to achieve common goals with team members.

Who argued that the major activities of management and leadership are played out differently; but both are essential to an organization?

​​ ​Kotter

​Explanation: Dr. Kotter is famous for recognizing the connection between management and leadership in business. Both skills are needed at different doses for each unique situation. Kotter believes that both skills are essential and breaks them down into an 8-step model.

Leadership Focus

Leadership focuses on the what?

​​ ​​elimination of dependency in relationships

Explanation: By leading, a leader gives their subordinates the ability to act on their own independence and internal motivation. This contrasts with management in that subordinates are dependent on management instruction to perform tasks.

Influence of Contingency Theory

Contingency theory is concerned with ______ and _______.

​​​ ​Leadership; situations

​Explanation: Contingency theory is a system the believes leadership should be applied in a way that fits a specific scenario. If a certain problem occurs within an organization, the leader will need to assess the problem’s fundamental traits, then apply the leadership method accordingly. For example, a leader might apply a task-oriented leadership style in one situation and then apply a Laissez-faire style in another situation.

  • Student: Cachorro Oso
  • Textbook: Leadership Concepts and Applications
  • Course: LDR 300

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