Free Apps that Save Online Students Major Cash

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Free Apps that Save Online Students Major Cash

Written with  by Oliver Tenerife

Online students have to pull resources from many different online sources to be successful. At Octotutor, we pride ourselves for being the premier study resource for students attending business courses, but the internet is packed with other great free resources. Here’s a few of my personal favorites.

Disclaimer: We are NOT paid to promote these companies, we just think they offer great services.

Grammarly to Write Better Papers


The spell check you get from MS word is not enough to write a great paper. If you want to supercharge your grammar checker, you should check out Grammarly. My favorite feature is the ability to lookup synonyms for words inline, allowing you to reduce repetitive words.

Flash Lawyer to Generate Legal Documents


One thing many students neglect is to put simple legal transactions in writing. Whether you’re selling your bike on craigslist or loaning money to a friend, it is crucial to have this stuff in writing. Using FlashLawyer Legal Document Generators, you can easily create a bill of sale, promissory note, or business contract in a matter of minutes. The tool also allows you to e-sign, share, and save each document to the cloud. When compared to visiting a real lawyer that charges $250 per hour, this tool is a no brainer for legal help.

Smarter to Test your Job Skills


Think you have a certain job skill? You can use the Smarterer testing platform to find out for sure. May employers are using this agile testing philosophy to screen candidates these days. They cover thousands of topics and filter through millions of different questions. Getting familiar with the process could help you land that awesome job after you graduate.

That’s it for now. If you know of any other great services please share them in the comments.


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