Goal Based Leadership Fundamentals

Goal-Based Leadership in LDR 300

Liz is a team leader at a local grocery store Recently her boss said that she needs to address the negative attitudes of employees. To try and fix this problem, she has begun awarding gift-cards to employees who have great attitudes. What internal leadership intervention is Liz addressing?

​​ ​Goal focusing

Explanation:  In this example, Liz is giving here employees a piece of external motivation. Knowing that they will receive a gift card if they improve their attitudes gives them a goal to aspire towards. This is the same type of goal focused motivation that managers provide with monetary performance bonuses.

Subordinate Motivation

Which of the following leadership theories expects the leader to continually be concerned about subordinate motivation?

​​ ​Path-goal theory

​Explanation: Under path-goal theory, it is essential to constantly focus on subordinate motivation. When a leader focuses on the employee’s success and happiness, it will also drive the leader’s own success. Therefore, leaders should always be looking for ways to motivate their team members.

Servant Leadership vs. Path Goal Theory

How does servant leadership differ from path-goal theory?

​​ ​Focuses on the behaviors leaders should exhibit to put followers first.

Explanation: Under servant leadership, the superior will put the needs of followers before their own. This is much different than path goal theory, which focuses on the superior’s role as a motivator and authoritative figure.

  • Student: Cachorro Oso
  • Textbook: Leadership Concepts and Applications
  • Course: LDR 300

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