Ideas for Marketing Plan Phase I Team Paper

Inspiration for Marketing Plan Phase I

Written with  by Oliver Tenerife

So you’re in marketing and you need to come up with a radical new idea for a product or service that will be launched by either an existing organization or one you will create. This is no easy task and it can be hard to get team members on the same page. I’ve decided to share some of my own ideas to help students get some inspiration for creating an awesome final project. And BTW, if you want a full sample of this paper, feel free to check out our Marketing Plan Phase I Team Paper. Ok, here are my top 5 ideas for this project.

1. An Organic Menu from McDonalds

McDonalds has been trying hard to revamp its image to appear more healthy, but their efforts have been unsuccessful thus far. Offering a fully organic menu could get many people from the healthy eating demographic to reconsider this junk food brand.

2. A Production Motorcycle from Porsche

Porsche could leverage its premium brand image to offer exciting motorcycle products to wealthy individuals. Currently, BMW and Ducati have a duopoly on this segment of the market.

3. Pepsi Cola Sweetened with Stevia

There are two problems with soda – One, normal sodas have way too much sugar. Two, diet sodas have been proven to be just as bad for causing weight gain due to artificial sweeteners. The answer is to create a new type of soda that uses the zero calorie stevia sweetener to solve both problems at once.

4. 3D Printer by Google

Imagine being able to search for a product on Google, then click a button and have it printed in your own living room. Google is in a great position to capitalize on 3D printing technology and vertically integrate it into the existing business model.

5. GPS Enabled Dog Collar from Garmin

Garmin is the undisputed leader in GPS navigation technology. The company could use existing infrastructure to create a simple dog collar that would allow people to track their animals remotely. This could also be a great application for police K-9 units.

Feel free to use any of my ideas for your own project and don’t hesitate to Ask Octotutor a question if you need additional help on an assignment.



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