Most Profound Business Tweets of the Summer

The Most Profound Business Tweets of the Summer

Written with  by Bex Walton

Twitter is such a great source of information; from the latest news, to inspirational quotes and even educational posts. Those keen to expand their knowledge on the latest in business, technology, economics or education will know that Twitter is almost invaluable to their cause. To make things a little easier, we’ve put together some of the most profound and interesting business tweets of the summer, all in one place!

If you are ever looking for influential entrepreneurs, look no further than Mark Zuckerberg, who has now overtaken Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. His net worth is now an impressive $33.3 billion; proof that you can be work towards being one of the richest people in the world with just a good idea and a strong education. 2. Inspiration from TED Talks

If you don’t already follow TEDTalks on Twitter, YouTube and every other platform possible, then you’re really missing out. This is the one place you’re guaranteed to hear the most ideas, see the most inspiration and feel the most passion. This particular tweet is a quote from coach John Wooden, during his 2001 talk on success. He urges us all to pursue the best in ourselves, whether that be in sport, business or life in general.

Richard Branson Says “Get Out There and Do Things!”

Everyone loves reading Richard Branson’s plethora of amazing ideas, whether it be in his books or on his Twitter. This tweet is something we could all do a bit more often, in business and in general life. Turn off the TV, put down your phone, get out there and do things! Put that mantra into your education, business ideas or career and you will go far. 4. Bill Gates Recommends His Favorite Business Book  

All summer long Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, has been giving some of his best book recommendations; from books about the environment, to lighthearted fiction. The one that caught my eye was this, which Gates has dubbed as “the best business book I’ve ever read”. If it’s the best business book he’s read in the last 20 years then it must be good! Have you gone and ordered your copy, yet?

 More Inspiration From TED Talks

Although we’ve already seen a TEDTalks tweet, from legendary coach John Wooden, no profound tweets list would be complete without another from their inspirational Twitter page. This quote comes from BCG’s Rosalind Torres’ talk on what makes a great leader. Filmed in 2013, this ‘to the point’ video will get you thinking about your own potential as a business owner or company chief.

These five profound business tweets are proof that Twitter can really be an incredible source of inspiration. Get past all of the selfies and food photos, and you’ll find some truly amazing ideas and motivation from thousands of fascinating people.


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