No Single Generic Marketing Plan Applies to all Organizations or Institutions

Concept: Marketing Plan Format

Student Question: “There is no single generic marketing plan that can apply to all organizations or all institutions.  Rather, the specific format for a marketing plan for an organization depends on the following: the industry, the kind and complexity of the organization, and ________.​”

​the target audience and purpose

Explanation: Target audience and purpose are quintessential components of every marketing plan. Without a target audience, a marketing plan would be far too broad to benefit any organization. Without a purpose, a marketing plan would not be able to achieve any meaningful goals, such as building customer loyalty or generating more sales.

Ultimately, it is important to recognize that every organization must develop a highly customized marketing plan for best results. There are so many subtle differences in a company’s culture and target audience that is becomes impractical to create generic marketing plans.

  • Student: Sanjaya Malhotra
  • Textbook: Marketing
  • Course: MKT 421

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