Online Purchases Can be the Result of Several Very Different Approaches

Concept: Online Retail Purchase Methods

Student Question: “Online retail purchases by consumers can be the result of several very different approaches, which include: (1) paying dues to become a member of an online discount service; (2) participating in an online auction; (3) going directly to online malls; and (4) _______.”

​​using a shopping “bot” to search for a product at locations with the best price

Explanation: A shopping bot, aka shopping search, is a content curation service that has become a common way for online consumers to find new products. These platforms are unique to the online space in that they search a number of different sits and programmatically provide a recommendation to their clients. Perhaps the most well known shopping bot is Google. When you enter a product search term into Google, such as “Beard Trimmer”, you can expect to receive a whole collection of results based on an internal algorithm. A massive segment of retail shopping can be attributed to the influence of the online shopping bot approach.

  • Student: Sanjaya Malhotra
  • Textbook: Marketing
  • Course: MKT 421

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