QNT 275 Final Exam 2017 – Seven Days of Summer in Los Angeles

The temperatures (in degrees Fahrenheit) observed during seven days of summer in Los Angeles are:

78, 99, 68, 91, 107, 75, 85

The range of these temperatures is:

Find the range by subtracting the smallest number from the largest. 107 – 68


The variance of these temperatures, rounded to three decimals, is:

Variance is found by subtracting the mean from each data point.


The standard deviation, rounded to three decimals, of these temperatures is:

Standard deviation is found by taking the square root of the variance above.


  • Student: Lonny McDowell
  • Textbook: QNT 275 Statistics Fundamentals
  • Course: QNT 275 Final Exam 2017

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