Rapidly Growing Industries for 2015 Business Graduates


Get Hired in a Fast-Growing Industry in 2015

Written with  by Oliver Tenerife

The business world continues to evolve. As companies adopt new technologies to meet new consumer needs, they need adaptable employees to spearhead growth. Studies show that the job market is at its most robust since the 2008 recession. This spells wonderful news for senior and graduate business students ready to embark on a career. From business and communications to science and technology, here are 5 of the most promising markets for business graduates in 2015.

Consumer 3D Printing

According to data analytics firm Canalys, the 3D printing market is expected to more than quadruple in value from a roughly $4 billion figure in 2014 to over $16 million in 2018. Companies can achieve long-term competitive advantages by adopting 3D printing technology. Large volumes of custom orders can be processed and shipped in an instant without the need to forward them to distant factories. Significant reductions in material waste and energy costs can help foster long-term growth. The technology is already being used to print toys, household items, and even prosthetic limbs. Refinements to the technology means we could see 3D printers in many households within the decade. Industry giants and small businesses alike will be on the lookout for new team members to work in this exciting field.

Growth Hacking for Tech Startups

Coined by Dropbox pioneer Sean Ellis in 2010, growth hacking refers to leveraging creative thinking, data analytics, and social media to boost sales and grab customer attention. It marks an excellent opportunity for business graduates, many of whom are already well-versed in social media and other online marketing tactics including viral videos, search engine optimization, and blogging. As web and mobile search continue to evolve, companies, especially tech startups, need out-of-the-box Gen-Y thinkers to push their marketing strategy into new frontiers.

Software-as-a-Service Publishing and Sales

It was hot 10 years ago, and it’s still hot today. The only difference is the pricing model, which has shifted to monthly membership model in the cloud. From B-to-B supply chain and data analysis programs to internal productivity and communications software, firms rely on skilled coders to drive growth and efficiency. And while many firms were reluctant to devote resources to the mobile market, app publishing is growing at the speed of a newborn puppy. Four out five consumers use smartphones to shop. Research firm eMarketer predicts that half of all SEO efforts in 2015 will be geared toward mobile. As such, businesses will be eager to craft teams of talented business analysts, designers, programmers, and marketers.

Remote Accounting Services

From internal auditing to budgeting to financial reporting, firms continue to seek adept accounting and finance graduates to keep their spending in order. The industry is projected to grow by 3.6 percent from 2014 to 2019, and new hires can expect a a relatively secure job with steady growth potential. Accounting workers are increasingly being offered remote telecommuting positions that provide additional freedom and flexibility with their careers.

Investment Banking and Securities Dealing

The phrase “it takes money to make money” has been beaten, pounded, and steamrolled to oblivion, but it’s still a core principle of any business. Companies must know where to spend their cash, be it mergers, acquisitions, new technology, new hires, expansion, etc. Investment banking analysts provide these companies with advice, projections, and other information to help them make the best choice. While lucrative, it’s not a job for everyone. Business graduates entering investment banking can expect to put in long, stressful hours to earn their keep.

  • Skill Captain

    Technology has made the business world change so rapidy. Many of these careers options didn’t even exist just a few years. Exciting time to be graduating from college!


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