Team Leadership in the Driver’s Seat

Team Leadership Concepts in LDR 300

The team leadership model puts who or what in the driver’s seat of team effectiveness?


Explanation: Team leadership creates a metal roadmap for each member on a team to serve as a leader in the appropriate situation. With leadership in the driver’s seat, each member of the team has the authority to perform the tasks of leader to advance the collective group.

Subordinate Affiliation

Subordinates who have strong needs for affiliation prefer which type of leadership behavior?


​Explanation: Subordinates who desire affiliation with a leader will be best served by regular participation in the team building process. This gives the subordinate a degree of connection with the leader and increases their relative satisfaction.

A Leader as the Core of Group Change

The leader is at the core of group change and activity, representing the backbone of the group or organization. Leadership is viewed as:

​Focus of group processes

Explanation: When a leader is highly involved in group change and activity, they are viewed as focusing on group processes. With the leader at the core of change, he or she can direct the group as a role model. This is a quintessential component of teamwork.


  • Student: Cachorro Oso
  • Textbook: Leadership Concepts and Applications
  • Course: LDR 300

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