The Many Approaches to Leadership in Business

Trait-Based Leadership Approach in LDR 300

Mary has managed the mailroom for 2 years. Management views Mary as a person with special leadership talent, such as intelligence, sociability, and determination.  What approach is management using in assessing Mary?

​​​ Trait approach

Explanation:  When thinking about a person’s characteristics as a leader, the topics of intelligence, sociability, and determination are all personal traits. Leadership talent is being assessed primarily on the candidate’s leadership traits in this scenario.

Leaders who are agreeable, eager to help, comforting, and uncontroversial

Your boss listens to employees personal problems and tries to create a positive work environment by being agreeable, eager to help, comforting, and uncontroversial. This is an example of:

​​​ Country-club management

Explanation: The country club management style is characterized by accommodating the needs of their subordinates. They want their employees to be happy because they believe this will lead to optimum performance.

Cultural Leadership

Considering a cultural approach to leadership, leadership should be conceptualized as:

​​ ​A relationship between a leader and a follower

Explanation: At its core, corporate culture can be boiled down to a relationship between a leader and a follower. Organizations strive to build positive cultures by developing a mutually beneficial relationship between all parties along the corporate ladder.

  • Student: Cachorro Oso
  • Textbook: Leadership Concepts and Applications
  • Course: LDR 300

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