The New BUS 475 Final Exam – Answer Sheet Part 4

16. A socially responsible company

 is concerned with its economic and social value and environmental impact

Explanation: Socially responsible initiatives are not geared towards profits, but rather at integrating external stakeholders such as the local community, environment, charitable organizations, etc.

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17. Laura has dreamed of playing in a symphony. She practices her instrument every day and yet, year after year, she cannot successfully play the difficult musical piece necessary to try out. This is an example of

 motivation not equaling performance

Explanation: Laura is obviously very motivated to achieve a goal, but this motivation is not producing any increase in performance to play the musical piece.


18. One of the principal roles of the Judiciary is

 to issue injunctions and related orders

Explanation: The judiciary, aka the court, is responsible for issuing injunctions that require a party to stop a specific action. Some examples would be a restraining order, cease and desist order, etc.


19. Which of the following groups would be most likely to benefit from a tariff on Japanese-manufactured. light trucks (i.e., pickup trucks)?

 U.S. domestic pickup truck manufacturers

Explanation: A tariff on Japanese imports would  cause their price to rise in the United States, thus giving domestic producers an advantage over competitors.


20. A valid contract must

 exist where all necessary legal elements for contract formation are present

Explanation: There are several legal elements required for a valid contract, such as consideration for both parties, capacity, offer, and acceptance

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