Understanding the Power Dynamic in Leadership

The Power of Offering Raises in LDR 300

If your superior tells you that she will offer you a raise provided you perform additional work beyond the requirements of your job, he/she is exercising what type of power?


​Explanation: Reward power occurs when there is positive reinforcement to perform a certain task. In this case, the superior is offering a raise in exchange for greater job responsibility. This is the opposite of coercive power, which uses negative reinforcement or threats as motivation.

The Most Effective Type of Power

Of the bases of power, research indicates that ________ power is most effective.


Explanation:  Personal power is derived directly from a leader’s follower base. Studies have shown that this is the most effective form of power in accomplishing tasks in business.

Bill Gates and Paul Allen Power Type

What type of power did Bill Gates have when he and Paul Allen started Microsoft?


Explanation: Bill Gates and Paul Allen were colleagues and friends prior to starting Microsoft. Both had worked together at Honeywell and had a mutual admiration for their unique skill sets. Allen had a great deal of respect for Gates, which is a characteristic of referent power.



  • Student: Cachorro Oso
  • Textbook: Leadership Concepts and Applications
  • Course: LDR 300

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