What is the “Price” Component in the Context of Personal Branding?

Concept: Price Component in Personal Branding

Student Question: “In personal branding, the price component of the marketing mix refers to”

​​ ​The salary range and job benefits you hope to receive

Explanation: In the scope of personal branding, you must think of yourself as the commodity being sold. Therefore, the “Price” in the marketing mix is your own salary or expected wage. When you engage in personal branding you are creating an image around yourself that highlights your strengths and value that you can add to an organization. In other words, you are the product and your price is what you expect to make.

Four Ps of Marketing for Personal Branding

  • Product – Your Skills, Attitude, and Value
  • Price – Your Salary or Wage
  • Promotion – Social Media, Portfolio, and Networking Efforts
  • Placement – Where you Live and Work
  • Student: Sanjaya Malhotra
  • Textbook: Marketing
  • Course: MKT 421

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